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Ornament time

I don’t know what it’s like in your house but in our house we love to watch all the Hallmark Christmas movies. This year the Hallmark channel had Christmas movies in July, tying into the whole Christmas in July thing. Then they started showing new Christmas movies on Halloween weekend. So, needless to say, I’ve seen …

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Going Stir Crazy?

It just seems like it’s been one of those winters. People in the cities are screaming about how much snow they have gotten and for them it probably is a lot. However for us in the western mountains of Maine the snowfall amount has been about average, so far. At this time of the year …

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Bowls 21 through 25. Final bowls in challenge to get to 100.

    When I set out on this challenge my goal was to turn and show you 100 bowls in 100 days. If you have been following along on my little odyssey you know that I didn’t make it. Day 100 was October 17th and in that time I was able to turn over 50 …

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Bowl 12 of 100 bowls in 100 days challenge

I knew when I started this challenge that my biggest problem could be writing a post everyday showing a bowl that I had finished that day. The turning of the bowl isn’t a problem. I can do that easily and I feel really at ease at the lathe in my shop. I’m not so much …

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Bowl 3 of 100 bowls in 100 days

  This is bowl number 3 of the 100 bowls in 100 days challenge. Today’s bowl is a commission for a wedding present. Thank you LW of New Hampshire for allowing me to make this bowl for the special couple. This Spalted Curly Maple wooden salad bowl is 17 inches in diameter and 6 inches …

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Bowl 2 of 100 bowls in 100 days

Today’s bowl is a Spalted Maple wooden bowl. This is wood bowl #2 out of the 100 bowls challenge. This spalted maple wood bowl is just stunning. This bowl features a wide flat rim that slopes in toward the center of the bowl. The rim has been undercut which gives you a nice area to …

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