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Splated Maple and Apple Ornament - Dailey Woodworking

Spalted Maple globe with Apple icicle finial

I don’t know what it’s like in your house but in our house we love to watch all the Hallmark Christmas movies. This year the Hallmark channel had Christmas movies in July, tying into the whole Christmas in July thing. Then they started showing new Christmas movies on Halloween weekend. So, needless to say, I’ve seen a few Christmas movies this year. Usually each year I come up with a new Christmas ornament design but, thanks to all the movies, I’ve actually come up with three this year. You can see them pictured above and below.

Dyed red Maple Burl globe with maple ornament - Dailey Woodworking

Dyed red Maple Burl globe with maple icicle finial

Each of these ornaments is actually three pieces turned and then glued together. Why do you turn three separate pieces instead of just turning one piece? Well I’m glad you asked.  I do it for two different reasons. The first reason is that I want to hollow out the center globe to remove as much weight from the ornament as I can. The second reason is the center globe is the focal point of the ornament and I want to use some special looking wood for the globe, like the burl used in the red and blue ornaments. And if I was to use burl wood for the long bottom icicle finial I would probably break it while turning. It’s not that it can’t be done but the bottom icicle finial turns better with a straight-grained wood. Ok, ok I guess that’s actually three reasons why I turn my Christmas ornaments as three separate pieces. Of course you can find my ornaments on my Dailey Woodworking site and in my Etsy store.

Dyed blue Maple Burl globe with maple icicle finial - Dailey Woodworking

Dyed blue Maple Burl globe with maple icicle finial

Please let me know which Christmas ornament is your favorite?


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