First Ornament Class at Rockler

First Ornament Class at Rockler 0

working at lathe during 3 piece ornament class at Rockler 7/01/17 - Dailey Woodworking
Yesterday I taught another class at Rockler in South Portland, Maine. The class was about turning a 3 piece ornament. I had one participant in the class, Bill. In the picture above you can see Bill shaping out the center globe of his ornament. The globe would then be hollowed out using tools from two different hollowing sets. We used the micro hollowing set and the ornamental hollowing set from Sorby. Next came the turning of the bottom icicle finial and the top button finial. I think his three piece ornament came out fantastic. 
Student holding his ornament made during 3 piece ornament class at Rockler 7/01/17 - Dailey Woodworking
First mill making class at Rockler

First mill making class at Rockler 0

Saturday I led my fourth class at the Rockler store in S. Portland, Maine and the class was on making a salt or pepper mill. I think everyone had a good time on the lathes and making their mill. I know that I had a wonderful time with Tina, William, Brian, and Ray. Each of them made their own, unique mill. All the mills were made from Maple and were about 2 3/4 inches x 6 inches tall. They each tried their hand at using the 1/4 inch Sorby Easybeader tool. In the end, we had 3 pepper mills and 1 salt mill completed and, most importantly, an enjoyable time had by all. 

  • Kim Dailey
Yesterday's bowl turning class at Rockler

Yesterday's bowl turning class at Rockler 0

Bowl turning class at Rockler hard at work - Dailey Woodworking
Yesterday I had the opportunity to teach my second bowl turning class at Rockler in S. Portland, Maine. Once again I had a great time teaching the class. Lisa, Greg, Brian and George all left with a finished bowl. They had each turned a pleasing shape on the bowl using Sorby woodturning tools and finished them up with General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish. The finished bowls were about 2 inches tall by 6 inches wide. Some, but not all, used the Sorby spiralling tool to put a ring of texture around the outside of their bowl. 
Students from 6/17/17 Rockler bowl turning class holding their bowls. - Dailey Woodworking

Woodturning classes at Rockler 0

Bowl turning class at Rockler

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to teach another woodturning class at Rockler in S. Portland, Maine. In order to be transparent, I should say that Rockler has hired me to be a turning instructor at the S. Portland Store. Yesterday's turning class was for beginners on bowl turning. Class sizes are capped at 4 students and that seems to be a good size. If someone had a question or seemed to be having a problem I could go right to them and they weren't held up waiting for me. I think everyone had a good time, I know that I did, and went home with some new skills to work with. 

If you are interested in classes and the class schedule you can check them out on Rockler's site by clicking here. Just scroll down until you get to the Classes and Workshops section. You can also sign up for classes by clicking on the links on the page. I believe my next classes are on June 17th - beginners bowl turning and June 24th - making a pepper mill. On July 1st I will be leading a class on making 3 piece ornaments. Be sure to sign up early because the classes fill up quite quickly.  

Is this a keeper?

Is this a keeper? 3

10" Ash Pepper Mill Before Shot Au Natural - Dailey Woodworking


I uploaded a picture of an unfinished ash pepper mill to my facebook page the other day and I posed the question of should I leave it natural or airbrush it. In the end the answers that I received were split between the two choices. So I decided to airbrush the mill. Somebody suggested that I airbrush it purple and teal. So that's what I did, purple and teal diagonal stripes. What do you think? Is it a keeper and I should offer more of these purple and teal mills for sale or do you think it should just slowly slink away, never to be seen again?

10" Ash Pepper Mill After Shot Dyed Teal and Purple - Dailey Woodworking


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We're In! Upcoming shows.

We're In! Upcoming shows. 1

Who knew that technology could have such an affect on my everyday life? Probably everyone, right? As I sit here typing out this blog post, I'm doing it on a new laptop because the hard drive in my old laptop decided it was time to give up the ghost. It was old enough that it was time to invest in a new one anyways but still it's been an on going battle for a few weeks now and it has certainly slowed things here. I haven't taken the pictures and posted new products for quite a while because the old laptops hard drive kept crashing. After the drive crashed a couple of times while in the middle of working on pictures for the website and Etsy store I just gave up on doing them until the new laptop arrived. 

So now that I've told you why you haven't seen any posts or new products in the last few weeks my original intent of this post was to tell you of a couple shows/fairs that we will be doing this year.

The first one is the Maine Artisan Bread Fair that is being held on the 29th of July from 9 am to 3 pm on the Skowhegan Fair Grounds in Skowhegan Maine. We should be inside the big show building again. 

The second one is the Common Ground Country Fair which is being held September 22nd, 23rd and 24th in Unity, Maine.  We should be in Maine Marketplace East again. 

We love doing both of these fairs. I'll be posting more about each one as we get closer to them. 

  • Kim Dailey