What are environmentally friendly pepper mills?


I get asked a lot about the wood, dyes and glue used in our laminated mills and grinders. I actually buy panels of the wood already dyed and glued to my color specifications. So I asked my supplier to answer these questions for you. Here is their reply.

“Because of the nature of your products being used in the food industry we have chosen to use “Water Based/Food Grade Dyes” in our processes. In addition our land from which the veneer is produced is (FSC Certified – Forest Stewardship Council). Lastly we use EPI Adhesives (defined as Emulsion Polymer Isocyanate (EPI) adhesives are two-component adhesives based on reaction of a mixture of water based emulsions).” 

That’s a lot to take in so let me break this down for you. I choose to partner with another Maine company that would lay up these panels the same way and from the same woods that I would use if I did it myself. The dyes used are water based so they are much better for the enviroment than dyes that are alcohol based . The wood used comes from sustainably harvested land. Not only is the land cared for but the workers have to be paid a living wage as well. And the glue used is a water based glue so it too is better for the enviroment than solvent based glues that could be used.  The last step in the process is that we use a finish of Walnut oil that is all natural without any additives.  The bottom line comes down to the fact that we are trying to be as environmentally responsible as possible and at the same time providing you with a food safe product that you can also feel good about.

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  • Kim Dailey