My new friend Bob.


This is picture of me and my new friend Bob (he’s the pink Octopus on my shoulder) taken at the Buyers Market of American Craft in Philadelphia.  He and I are discussing the finer points of the work of Laurene Hunt from Laurene Hunt Designs.  I first met Laurene five years ago when she and I were neighbors at my first Buyers Market and we became fast friends.  I really like Laurene’s work.  Her work is full of color and fun images that she hand paints onto her pieces.  Martini glasses, Santa Claus, cats and dogs, light houses and snowmen are just a few of the things that she paints in her own way.  She offers her paintings on all kinds of wonderful pieces for your kitchen and dining room like lazy susans (to the left in the picture), trivets, magnets, cutting boards, coasters and more.  You can check out her work on her website by clicking here.  I know that I enjoy her work but let me know what you think of it. 

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  • Kim Dailey