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Teaberry Arts Council Art Walk August 17th

  The Teaberry Arts Council has been hard at work creating the first ever Teaberry Arts Council Art Walk that is taking place in Rumford, Maine on August 17th from 4pm till 9pm.   The Teaberry Arts Council is planning an Art Walk at the Rumford walking trail by the tennis courts in the Hosmer …

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Tip of the cap to a Yankee?

Let me start off by saying that I have been a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan and will be until the day that I die. I grew up watching the likes of Carl “Yaz” Yastrzemski, Fred Lynn, Jim Rice, Rick “Rooster” Burleson, Dwight Evans, Luis “El Tiante” Tiant, George “Boomer” Scott, Carlton “Pudge” Fisk and …

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6 pack of natural wood mills.

Last week was a very busy week here and these are just a few of the pieces that I made and shipped out.  Here are six natural wood salt & pepper mills made in the Morrison style.  From front to back they are 6″ Walnut, 8″ Ash & 10″ Cherry.  Notice the beads or rings …

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Three Acadia pens headed to Colorado.

The three gold Acadia pens pictured above are part of a group that I turned over the weekend.  The top one is Maroon Fleck, the middle one is Caribbean Swirl and the bottom one is Light and Dark Green Swirls.  All are made from acrylic.  The three of them along with nine more Acadia pens made …

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The Irony of a good wine.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t drink a lot of wine.  Because I make a lot of cork screws and wine stoppers I am always asked at shows what my favorite wine is.  It’s a little embarrassing to have to admit that I don’t drink much wine.  I prefer good ale …

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The winner of the picture contest is….

Winner!  Grain pattern facing out. A big thank you to everyone who voted.  And the winner is….. the grain facing out by a huge margin of 2 votes.  The voting was very close and was actually tied most of the way through the weekend but facing out managed to squeak out the win.  The mills have …

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