25% off stoppers


Ok folks, this is a test of sorts.  My new site has been up and running now for a while but I haven’t put all of the various ways that my items can be made on to the site yet because of a lack of pictures.  So if you are willing to help me I’m willing to give you 25% off on my T Handle Corkscrew & Bottle Stopper Combination (pictured above, sorry the stands aren’t available any more) if you choose one that doesn’t have a picture of it yet.  I will make up the stopper combo and take a picture of it.  I will email you a picture of it before it is ready to ship.  You get a $42 stopper combo for $31.50.  That’s a pretty good deal for helping out, don’t you think?  The ones that need pictures are clearly marked on my site.  Just click here.  Scroll down below the stoppers pictured and you will see two question marks.  Each has a drop down list of the stopper combos that I need pictures of.  Once the picture has been taken that particular stopper will be taken off from the discount list and moved to the list with pictures and the discount will be gone.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Kim Dailey