Illusion bowl

13 inch Curly Maple salad bowl

13 inch Curly Maple salad bowl

My latest bowl is another one made with some real beautiful wood. This wooden bowl is 13 inches in diameter x 4 1/4 inches high. This bowl was turned from Curly Maple and has some really nice figure in it. I should start calling all of my salad bowls illusion bowls. Because I turn a wide rim on my bowls they give the illusion that they are heavy when they are really very light.

On this bowl I turned a round undercut rim.  The rim is about 3/4 inch wide and with the undercut there is a nice spot for gripping the bowl. The wall thickness is about 1/4 inch thick. I say about because I don’t measure, I just go by how thick it feels to my hands. I increase the thickness again near the bottom to add stability so that the bowl won’t be top heavy. By taking wood away from the thickness of the sidewall I can lighten my bowls considerably without affecting the structure of my bowls and with the wide rim still give the illusion of a heavy bowl.

On this wood bowl I textured a band about 1 inch below the rim on the outside. The inside of the bowl has a nice curve all the way through.

This particular bowl is headed to it’s new home. Thank you LW in NH!

Keep an eye on my bowl page at Dailey Woodworking and my bowl page in my Etsy store because I have a lot of bowls, big and small, that I will be finishing up soon. I heard a rumor that Christmas is just around the corner.


Side view of 13 inch Curly Maple salad bowl - Dailey Woodworking

Side view of 13 inch Curly Maple salad bowl

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