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8 Inch Blue Ash Morrison salt and pepper mill set

Dyed Blue Ash Morrison Mill Set


I had a request recently by a gallery to make a set of mills that I used to do a long time ago. This is an  8 inch set of Morrison mills turned from ash and then dyed blue. Most of the time I would air brush the dye on but this time I didn’t want to take the time to set-up the air brush.  Probably because it was 2 in the morning and my bed was calling. So instead of air brushing them I just applied the dye by hand with a paper towel.

The next morning, or later the same morning, I applied a liming wax to the dyed mills. The liming wax knocks the color down and fills the grain lines with the white wax. I wipe off the excess immediately with a paper towel. After the wax has had a while to dry I then use the Beall three buff system to put a good shine on the mills. While I’m buffing on the Tripoli wheel, if I press the mill body to the spinning wheel a little harder in spots I get the added benefit of taking more of the dye off and leaving me with a worn look.  I try to do this in the areas where I know someone would be holding the mill to use it and I end up with antique looking mills by the time I’m done.  I finish up with the other two buffing wheels but only to complete the waxing process and not to antique the mills any more.

I really like doing this so I’m not sure why I ever stopped making mills like this. So watch for more mills with this effect in the future.

Dyed Blue Ash Morrison Salt and Pepper Set with Ash Strout Mill behind them to show how they started out.

8 Inch Dyed Blue Ash Morrison Mill Set with Ash Strout Mill behind them. To show where the dyed blue mills started from.

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  • Kim Dailey