Becca’s carving at the Maine Woodcarvers Show

This is Becca's Elebird from the front

The Elebird from the front

I have been interested in carving wood for a while now but I don’t ever seem to have the time to do any carving. Every now and then I can incorporate a little carving into one of my turnings but I don’t do it very much.  About a year ago, maybe more, Becca (our 13-year-old) and I started attending the Streaked Mountain Woodcarvers monthly meetings and Becca became fast friends with Justina Hatch. Justina always seems to spend time with Becca at the meetings. She also gets help from the other members too but Becca tends to gravitate to Justina and vice versa.  It has been fun to watch Becca’s development as a woodcarver. This past weekend was the Maine Woodcarvers Show in Augusta, Maine. Our club had decided to make an entry titled “Snoah’s Ark” into the club competition. The idea behind it was to carve animals that didn’t make it onto Noah’s Ark. Becca decided that she wanted to carve a piece for the clubs entry. She settled on a Elebird. A cross between and elephant and a bird. Becca found a pattern for an elephant in a carving magazine that was to be carved from a basswood egg.  Justina helped Becca by showing her how to make different cuts and how to carve wings for the Elebird. When Becca finished with the carving she painted her Elebird and was quite anxious to show it to Justina and her husband Steven (also a carver and mentor to Becca). They were so impressed with the Elebird that they told Becca that she should enter her creation into the youth’s competition. Becca did just that and took home the ribbons that you can see pictured here.

Elebird and the ribbons won at the show

Becca’s Elebird and her ribbons.

And here are the other sides of the Elebird.

The Elebird from the right

The left side of the Elebird

The back of the Elebird
The back of the Elebird

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  • Kim Dailey