Colorful Morrison mill set


As many of you know, I like colorful things. A lot! I like to add color to plain pieces to liven them up. Recently I’ve been making ash mills and dying them all one color. Sometimes I add a liming wax to knock the color down and it adds a secondary color to subtly contrast the base color. Those are fun to do but I wanted to change it up a little and have at least two colors on this set of mills. I wanted the two colors to be close to each other on the color wheel and I was thinking along the lines of aquatic colors, so I chose blue and green.  I started by airbrushing the bottom portion of each mill blue. I grabbed the greens that I had on hand but I didn’t really like how they were going to look with the blue that I had just put on.  I was looking for a green that was closer to the blue that I had used so I airbrushed the top yellow and then airbrushed the same blue that I had used on the bottom over the yellow. This created the blueish green that I was looking for.

So what you see here is a set of Morrison salt and pepper mills made in ash and then airbrushed. Please let me know what you think of them. Also let me know what you think would be some other good color combinations and maybe I will use them on some future mills.

8 Inch set of dyed blue and green Ash Morrison mills.

8 inch set of dyed blue and green ash Morrison mills.

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  • Kim Dailey