Winged bowls


Winged bowls?  What are winged bowls?  Bowls that can fly?  Well not with out help anyways.  I like to make a shallow bowl that has the natural edge all the way around it.  But the natural edge has to extend out from the top of the bowl a few inches on a couple of the sides.  Just to add to the challenge, I usually make these wings no more than 1/4″ thick .  I look for wood that is longer than it is wide.  Which means that the wings may extend out several inches from the sides of the bowl.  In the case of the two pictured here one is 19″ x 15″ and the other is 17″ x 13″.  I also try to find highly figured wood because along with the natural edge this design shows of the figure of the wood to the utmost.  But see for yourself.

Front of a York Gum Burl winged bowl 19″x15″x2″

Back of the York Gum Burl winged bowl

Front of the Maple Burl winged bowl 17″x13″x1″

Back of the Maple Burl winged bowl

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  • Kim Dailey