Tea lights anyone?

Original style tea light
Newest style of tea light

Well to say that the last 2 1/2 weeks haven’t been tough would be a complete lie.  The hard drive went in my laptop on the 7th and I didn’t get it back from being fixed until the 20th.  Everything to do with the business was on the laptop.  Other than a few printouts that I had I didn’t know what I had for orders.  So therefore I didn’t know what I owed and to whom I owed it.  Don’t get me wrong I had Quickbooks backed up but I didn’t have anything to put the back on so I had to wait.  Of course once I got the laptop back I then had to load all of the programs that I use back onto it.  All in all a very frustrating couple of weeks however it’s behind me now so onward and upward.   Well that was until today when my computer kept freezing up so back to the repair shop it went to see what’s wrong with it this time.  Which was probably the underlying problem to begin with that made the hard drive crash.  So I’m doing this entry from my kids apple and believe me nothing is the same as my pc.

One of the orders that I knew that I had was for some Tea lights.  I had a design that I had made a few times so I made those for the order.  I wanted to be able to offer another design in the tea lights and when I was cutting the wood for the original design I came up with a second design.  Both are pictured above.  I hope that you can give me some insight into which design that you like best.  This is just about the shape and not the colors.  Thanks.

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  • Kim Dailey