Taken aback and Day 13

Deer head pen made in Cherry Burl - Dailey Woodworking

Deer hunter pen made in Cherry Burl

Today’s saying

Today’s saying is taken aback. When someone is taken aback today it means that they are surprised or shocked, usually by what someone has said or done to them. However, the origin of the saying is actually from a sailing term, where taken aback meant the wind had stopped pushing the boat and changed to a different direction, often times catching the sailors by surprise.

Today’s turning

What I’m showing you today is a beautiful pen for the deer hunter. The pen features antique pewter with cast deer heads with a great rack of antlers near the upper and lower parts of the pen. The center of the pen is turned from Cherry Burl. You use the bolt action to operate this pen.

If you would like to learn more about the deer hunter Cherry Burl pen you can visit my Dailey Woodworking site by clicking here or on my Etsy store by clicking here.

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  • Kim Dailey