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Bowl 4 of 100 bowls in 100 days

  Bowl 4 in my series of 100 bowls in 100 days challenge is just a little wooden bowl. The bowl is 5 1/2 inches in diameter and 1 1/4 inches high. The bowl was turned from a Cedar Burl and is the sixth bowl that I have gotten from that burl. This bowl maybe …

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Bowl 3 of 100 bowls in 100 days

  This is bowl number 3 of the 100 bowls in 100 days challenge. Today’s bowl is a commission for a wedding present. Thank you LW of New Hampshire for allowing me to make this bowl for the special couple. This Spalted Curly Maple wooden salad bowl is 17 inches in diameter and 6 inches …

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Bowl 2 of 100 bowls in 100 days

Today’s bowl is a Spalted Maple wooden bowl. This is wood bowl #2 out of the 100 bowls challenge. This spalted maple wood bowl is just stunning. This bowl features a wide flat rim that slopes in toward the center of the bowl. The rim has been undercut which gives you a nice area to …

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100 bowls in 100 days

The other day I decided that I need a new challenge. So just like one of the great thinkers of our time, Winnie the Pooh, I sat down and kept hitting my head with my hand all the while repeating “Think, think, think”. And after a little while it came to me that hitting my …

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Which picture do you like best?

Recently I was taking pictures of some of the 10 inch black and natural Morrison pepper mills that I had just made. I took my usual shot from in front and from slightly above the mills. That angle of a shot has gotten me a lot of comments and even ended up in the press …

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Ad worthy?

  If you were looking through a magazine would this picture catch your eye? I’m thinking of using this picture in an ad in a magazine. I think it’s a good one but, then again, I’m biased. What’s your opinion?