My summer #1 New Curly Maple Salad Bowl

Detail closeup view of Curly Maple Salad Bowl - Dailey Woodworking

Detail closeup view of Curly Maple Salad Bowl

I’ve been pretty lazy about writing on my blog. So I’m going to try to change that starting with today’s post. I’m going to try to capture my summer by posting something new that I’ve made each day until the last day of summer,  September 21st.

So the first up is a wonderful 12 inch Curly Maple salad bowl. It’s 12 inches in diameter by 5 inches high. The curly figure in this wooden bowl is absolutely phenomenal. The curly figure is on display everywhere in this bowl. Sometimes you get a little curl or its real light but not with this wood bowl. It’s just wave after wave of curl on this bowl.

The bowl sports a nice rounded rim and a ring of texture about one inch down from the rim.

You can read more about this bowl and see more pictures on my site, here, or in my Etsy store, here.

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  • Kim Dailey