Herbie and my weekend at the Yarmouth Clam Festival


I spent the weekend of July 17th & 18th demonstrating at the Yarmouth Clam Festival in Yarmouth, Maine. The festival was celebrating both Herbie, the oldest Elm tree in New England, and Frank Knight. Frank is the 101 year old man who used to be the caretaker of Herbie. I was asked to go down and turn a few hours each day using some of the wood that I have from Herbie. For those that don’t know Herbie was 217 years old and was afflicted by Dutch Elm disease and was taken down on January 17th, 2010. I have been asked to make products for the town to resell. I have been making bowls, pens & bottle stoppers out of the wood from Herbie. It turned out to be a great weekend weather wise. I was also interviewed for articles in two different newspapers. I’ve included links to both articles so that you can read them if you would like to. I also was asked to be on the WMTW-TV channel 8 Sunday Morning show. Cam interviewed me while I was turning a bottle stopper. I’ve been interviewed before and I’ve been on tv before but it was the first time that I was turning live on tv. Unfortunately there isn’t a link to the interview so I guess you will just have to trust me when I say it really did happen. Here is the link to the interview in the Maine Sunday Telegram and here is the link to the interview in The Forecaster. If you would like to learn more about the Herbie project you can find more info on my webpage devoted to the Herbie Project. I had a lot of fun at the festival and met a lot of people. I would gladly go to the festival if for no other reason than to get another strawberry shortcake. The thing was big enough to make a meal out of all by itself. A big thank you to Nick Waugh for taking the photos that I have used here.

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