First International Shipment


Wow what a week it’s been and it’s only Wednesday.  I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m so tired this week or maybe I should clarify to say more tired than usual.  I sat here and started looking at my shipping printouts and realized that I’ve already sent out an incredible amount of product this week.  Since Monday I’ve sent pieces to Cleveland, OH., Baltimore, MD., Washington, D.C., Gardiner, ME. and Montana.  Thursday and Friday I am shipping to Bangor, ME., NJ, PA, MA & MD again.  The one that I am most happy about this week is the mill (pictured here) that is going to Ontario, Canada.  This marks my first international shipment.  Don’t get me wrong I have pieces that are all over the world but they have all gone to a customer here in the US and than have been taken over or shipped by one of my customers to it’s final destination.  The mill order to Ontario was from a customer in Canada for shipment to Canada.  Hopefully it’s just a start of things to come.

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  • Kim Dailey