Banana humor has arrived for day 4

12 in x 4 in Curly Maple Bowl with Bananas inside - Dailey Woodworking

12 in x 4 in Curly Maple Bowl with Bananas inside

Banana puns on us

Well it’s Friday and soon the weekend will be upon us and maybe for some it’s already arrived. I took the picture above and started thinking of puns with or about bananas. That can mean only one thing. I’m way too tired or as we say here in Maine, wicked tired.

I hope I don’t bowl you over with these banana jokes, if you can actually call them jokes. Do banana jokes appeal to you? Do you just go ape over them? I know I’m going down a slippery slope with this but what do you have for good CLEAN banana jokes? Please keep them clean, after all this is a family show.

And now about the bowl.

This is a 12 inch x 4 inch Curly Maple wood bowl. The curl in this Maple bowl is stunning. The more you move the wooden bowl the more the Curly Maple stands out. The bowl features a flat rim that gently slopes toward the center of the bowl. The bowl also has a ring of texture about an inch down from the rim. If you would like to see more pictures and learn more about the bowl you can visit my Dailey Woodworking site by clicking here or on my Etsy store by clicking here.

Remember to leave us your clean banana jokes or puns.


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  • Kim Dailey