New Ferris mini-grinders added to the store

New Ferris mini-grinders added to the store

I've just uploaded a new color combination to our Ferris mini-grinder page; Blue and Natural or maybe they should be called blue and white. Either way, they are beautiful and would look great in your home. 

This color combination starts out as 1/16 inch birch veneer that has been dyed and glued together. For these mini-grinders, there are two layers of blue and two layers of natural (white) repeating over and over. 

The Ferris mini-grinders feature a ceramic grinding mechanism that will grind either salt or pepper and the size of the grind is adjusted by the knob on the top. Another great feature is the black and chrome tops that make it easier to tell them apart on your table or counter. The compact size makes them easy to take outside to your picnic table or to your tailgate party. 

The blue and natural Ferris mini-grinder set will please even the most difficult to shop for people on your list (mother-in-laws) or maybe it's time to just reward yourself for all of your hard work that you've put in this year.


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  • Kim Dailey