8 Inch Curly Maple Morrison Salt or Pepper Mill

Product Description

These are an 8 Inch mill made in Curly Maple. Curly Maple is sometimes called Tiger Stripe Maple and if the curl is tight enough (close enough together) and shows a lot of character, it is referred to as Fiddleback Maple.

The Morrison mills are approximately 2 5/8 inches in diameter at the base and taper to 1 1/2 inches in the midsection and stand 8 1/2 inches tall. The shape is modeled after a lady dancing. Starting from the head, shoulders and waist area, all the way down to the beads or rings that I've turned near the bottom to be like the folds of her dress.

Although you can look at the top of the adjustment knob for an S or P to see whether it is salt or pepper I use the beads/rings near the bottom of the mill to help you tell the difference as well. If the mill has three beads/rings it is a pepper mill and if the mill has one bead/ring it is a salt mill.

The pepper mechanism used is stainless steel and made here in the US. The salt mechanism is ceramic and also made here in the US. The finish on the mill is a food grade polymerized tung oil and a wax mixture which gives a nice luster to the mill. It's safe to use on your food and cleans up easily. Care instructions are included.

You are placing an order for the mill or mill set and will not receive these exact ones. There will be subtle differences because they are all one of a kind mills.

Spice grinders like this make great wedding presents, housewarming gifts, Christmas gifts and birthday presents.