17 Inch Curly Maple Platter

Product Description

This is a beautiful Curly Maple shallow bowl/platter. Although this wooden platter looks like it was made from multiple small boards glued together, the platter was made from one wide board. The ribbons of figure that you can see going across the platter are the curl that the wood gets its name from and adds a great chatoyancy effect as you move the platter and the curls appear to move.

The darker wood in the center of the platter has a lot of figure in the grain. People that have seen this platter have found faces, animals, fantasy creatures, landscapes and seascapes within the grain patterns in this darker wood section. Definitely a conversation starter.  

This Curly Maple bowl is 17 inches (42.5 cm) in diameter by 1 1/8 inches (2.8cm) high. All sizes are approximate. I've turned decorative rings on the underside of this platter. This wood bowl/serving tray has been finished with a polymerized tung oil and wax. The bowl was then buffed to bring out a nice luster.

This Curly Maple bowl could be used as a serving tray, table centerpiece or a fruit bowl and would make a great , Christmas present, wedding gift, anniversary present or housewarming gift.

This Curly Maple shallow bowl/platter was hand turned and made in Maine with pride.

This would make a great centerpiece for your table.

The Curly Maple platter that you see pictured is the bowl that you will receive.

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