thedaileygrind — natural edge bowl


New bowls and stoppers

Over the last week or more I’ve been busy in the shop turning and then adding new bowls and bottle stoppers to the Dailey Woodworking site and in my Etsy store.  I’ve also been working on some new designs and products that I hope you will like but more on that in another post. Today I’m …

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Zeke’s Burl

Recently we had an open house/shop tour and one of our neighbors came over to it. Of course living here in the western foothills of Maine, neighbor is a relative term. They live on the ridge opposite of us, so probably 3/4 of a mile away by road. Anyways Zeke and Joyce came over to …

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The making of a wooden bowl part1

The Curly Maple log pictured above is 42 inches across horizontally and about 35 inches vertically. The chain saw sitting on top of the log has a 36 inch bar on it and right behind it you can see the helmet that I wear when cutting up a log.  The helmet has a face shield …

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