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What did you do over the 4th of July? Mary, Becca and I spent the 4th, 5th and 6th in Great Barrington, Massachusetts doing the Berkshires Arts Festival (Ryanne is away at science camp). It was a nice show but it was very hot. I think each day the high temperature was at least 93 degrees. Did I mention that it was hot? Very hot? Most all of the booths were outside either under large tents or the individual artist/artisan brought their own. There was one building with a/c and some artists/artisans were set up there but we were outside under one of the big tents.

Anyways we met some nice people that were in the booths near us at the show and here are only a couple of the people that we met.

First up is Carole Shiber and her husband, Bill, of Carole Shiber Designs from Kingston, New York. We had a great time talking with and getting to know Carole and Bill this weekend. Carole has designed some very nice hand painted table clothes, napkins and placemats. We were entertained all weekend by Bill and Carole demonstrating how to fold their napkins in such a way, using their leafy napkin cuffs, so that you end up with your napkin becoming a flower shape. Here is a link to a video on their site showing just how to do it.


Carole Shiber's folded napkins resembling flowers

Carole Shiber’s folded napkins resembling flowers

Table setting using Carole Shiber's Pansy placemats, leafy napkin rings and napkins.

Table setting using Carole Shiber’s Pansy placemats, leafy napkin rings and napkins.










And we also met Paul Orzech of Paul Orzech Sculpture Studio in Providence, Rhode Island. We also had a good time talking with and getting to know Paul (and his wife and two young daughters who were only at the show briefly). Paul has bronze sculptures that can easily go on a desk or shelf inside your house or office. He also has some good sized stainless steel sculptures for your outside area. Some of the most popular outside sculptures were of dancers and rabbits. They drew a lot of attention this weekend. Of his smaller bronze sculptures that would fit on the edge of your desk was his line of animals, a rabbit, rooster and frog to name just a few.


Paul Orzech's Wave Dancer - Summer Dance

Paul Orzech’s Wave Dancer – Summer Dance


Paul Orzech's Celebration

Paul Orzech’s Celebratio














I hope that you like the work of these artists and artisans as much as I did.

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