Set of Ferris five color mini-grinders

Product Description

This is a set of our five color Ferris mini-grinders. One chrome top and one black top five color Ferris mini grinders.

Our Ferris mini-grinders come with an adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism and can be used as either a salt mill or pepper mill. The Ferris mini-grinder stands approximately 3 1/2 inches tall to the top of the adjustment knob.

The wood starts out as layers of 1/16 inch Birch veneer that have been dyed and glued together. In the case of this mini-grinder the layers are green, pink, blue, wine and natural repeating over and over again. This mini-grinder is worked completely on the lathe. First I drill the body then I shape the body using only hand tools and turning everything by eye on my lathe. The finish on the mini-grinder is a food grade polymerized tung oil and a wax mixture which gives a nice luster to the mill. So it's safe to use on your food and it cleans up easily. Care instructions are included.

You are placing an order for this mini-grinder set and will not receive this exact set. There will be subtle differences from the one pictured because they are all one of a kind mills.





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