Katahdin Pen made with White Printed Circuit Board

Product Description

This is a gold Katahdin pen made with white printed circuit board.

I've turned the body of this pen from a single layer of printed circuit board like you would find in a computer. The printed circuit board is encased in urethane resin and that is what I turned to create this stunning writing instrument.

The barrel of the Katahdin pen is a perfect fit for someone that is looking for a pen that is a little larger than normal but it's not so big that it's clunky in your hand. 

The Katahdin style pen has a smooth operating twist mechanism. To operate the pen, simply twist the top to the left or right. The pen uses a Parker™ style refill. You can also use a Parker™ style gel refill.

The pen pictured is the actual pen that you will receive.

This would make a great gift for "the guy or gal who has everything". You know them, the hard to shop for; Dad, the Uncle's, Grandpas and the boss. Anyone who is tech savvy, maybe a little on the nerdy and geeky side. This pen would also make a great graduation gift. 

I have been turning for over 20 years now. I taught myself how to turn by making pens. I have never tired of making them and get a thrill each time that I apply the finish to my pens and get to see the finished product for the first time.

Every pen we send out is accompanied by a short note detailing pen’s components; as well as the particular refill that’s needed, and instructions on how to install that refill.