Confetti Kitchenware Collection

Product Description

Inside this collection you will find all of the kitchen utensils and each of the handles have been hand turned from Confetti laminated wood. 

The wood for these laminated handles starts out as 1/16 inch Birch veneer that has been dyed and glued together. In the case of these handles, the Confetti handles consists of five colors which are charcoal, red, yellow, green and turquoise repeating over and over.

The entire kitchenware line feature handles that unscrew off for easy clean-up.

The pizza cutter features a 4 inch stainless steel cutting wheel and weighs close to a pound. The extra weight makes it easy to slice through you pizza or quesadilla. 

The bottle opener has a chrome opener that is large enough to open most bottles. 

The ice cream scoop features a stainless steel scoop that is easy to use in you favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt (froyo).

The vegetable peeler features a stainless steel bi-directional blade in a hefty chrome plated head. The peeler cuts fast and efficiently utilizing a non-serrated edge. 

The coffee scoop is perfect for the coffee lover. A heaping scoop gives you approximately one tablespoon of coffee and has a flat bottom to prevent the scoop from tipping over.  

The rasp/grater/zester features stainless steel razor sharp teeth for easy cutting, a generous grating surface, non-clogging teeth and a rubber to prevent marking your countertop work surface.  

The kitchenware line-up is dishwasher safe, just remove the wooden handle first. Clean the handle with a damp sponge and dry immediately.