Combination Pack of Maine-ism Cork Coasters laser engraved, package of 4

Product Description

This is a combination pack of our popular Maine-isms cork coasters that we have laser engraved.  The four Maine-isms are Wicked Pissah, Hard Tellin' Not Knowin', Ya Can't Get Theyah From Heyah, and Yessah Bub.

Hard Tellin Not Knowin - For when you don't know the answer to someone's question. 

Wicked Pissah - Can be a good thing or a bad thing in Maine. Just depends on what you are talking about.

Ya Can't Get Theyah From Heyah - Sometimes asking for directions in Maine can be tough. Hopefully you never hear this from your gps. 

Yessah Bub - When you answer in the affirmative (sometimes) and Bub could be your buddy, someone that don't know or someone that you can't remember their name. 

The package consists of one each of the sayings above.

The coasters are approximately 1/4 inch thick by 4 inches in diameter.

The four coasters come in a clear box.