Birdie's Biscuit Cutters - Ash

Product Description

These are Ash biscuit cutters. The Ash comes to me as rejects from a baseball bat manufacturer. The wood may be less then perfect for a baseball bat but it does make a beautiful biscuit cutter. There may be slight imperfections in the wood which I consider beauty marks and tell some of the story of the tree that the wood comes from. The sizes listed are approximate because they are all one of a kind and there will be slight differences. 

Why do I only make them in two sizes? That's because the largest size is dictated by the size of the bat blank. 

The 2 inch cutter is great for cutting the dough for sliders and other small biscuits. The 2 1/2 inch cutter is great for biscuits like your mama used to make. 

When you use these biscuit cutters, it's best to put a good amount of flour on the cutter to help the cutter drop the biscuit on to the cooking sheet. Also the handle features an air hole to aid in the release of the biscuit dough. 

The design of this biscuit cutter goes back to my childhood. When I was a young boy I spent a summer with my grandmother and grandfather. One of my fondest memories from that summer is of my grandmother, Birdie, making homemade biscuits to go with the strawberries or the apples that we had picked that day. It was one of my favorite things to do with my gram because she would let me cut the biscuits out of the dough using her wooden biscuit cutter. Picture a young boy covered from head to toe in flour and you're probably getting close.


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