Gold and Black Titanium Yarmouth Ballpoint Pen, Red Rose

Product Description

Want to show someone that you love them by giving them a rose but don't want that rose to wilt away after only a few days? Every time that you're loved one uses this pen they will be reminded of your love for them. 

This pen is a little different than most of my other pens. This one has been assembled much like you would put together a jigsaw puzzle. The rose and leaves are made from dyed Maple that are glued into the Maple background. All of that makes for a pretty cool looking pen. 

Finally the whole pen is put on to the lathe and turned by hand and sanded and finished before I assemble the mechanism into the body of the pen to create this stunning writing instrument.

The pen measures 5 1/4 inches long by 3/4 inches in diameter. All measurements are approximate. The pen uses a Parker style refill and comes in a black box.

This pen is truly one of a kind.

The pen pictured is the actual pen that you will receive. 

More than twenty years ago I taught myself how to turn by making pens. I have never tired of making them and I have now made thousands of pens. I still get a thrill each time that I apply the finish to my pens and get to see the finished product for the first time.