Gold Katahdin Pen made in Purple Agate Acrylic

Product Description

This a beautiful pen was made in purple agate acrylic. There are different shades of purple along with white mesh going through the purple. Together they make for a special looking pen. 

The barrel of the Katahdin pen is a perfect fit for someone that is looking for a pen that is a little larger than normal but it's not so big that it's clunky in your hand.

The Katahdin style pen has a smooth operating twist mechanism. To operate the pen, simply twist the top to the left or right. The pen uses a Parker™ style refill. You can also use a Parker™ style gel refill.

Every pen we send out comes in a black pen box and is accompanied by a short note detailing pen’s components; as well as the particular refill that’s needed, and instructions on how to install that refill.

You are placing an order for this Katahdin pen and will not receive the exact one pictured. There will be subtle differences from the one pictured because they are all one of a kind pens.