Flaming Guitar - Little Kennebago Platinum Fountain Pen

Product Description

The is a very unique Platinum Fountain Pen with gold accents on the top and bottom ends and also the center band. The pen body has been turned from a polymer resin that has a multi-colored guitar on the upper body of the pen. The lower body has flames that are coming up from the bottom on all sides. The flames and guitar are cut out on a scroll saw and then the black polymer resin is flowed in around them. The colors in this pen are yellows, oranges, reds and black.

This fountain pen is hand turned on a lathe. The nib on this pen is a top quality German made iridium medium point nib. The endcap will screw onto the front and back. The fountain pen is supplied with a black ink cartridge and a hand pump if you prefer to use your own ink. Everything comes in the nice black box that you see pictured.

This fountain pen is truly one of a kind and can never be repeated.

The pen that you see here is the actual pen that you will receive.

Every pen we send out is accompanied by a short note detailing pen’s components; as well as the particular refill that’s needed, and instructions on how to install that refill.


$150.00 $200.00