Sold - Acadia Platinum Desk Set in USA Swirl Acrylic

Product Description

This is a platinum Acadia desk set made from USA Swirl acrylic.

The desk set has an Acadia ballpoint pen and letter opener that comes in a beautiful Rosewood box with a glass lift top. The pen and letter opener are beautifully crafted from USA Swirl acrylic. The body of the pen and letter opener are made from a hand mixed acrylic. The colors used in the USA Swirl acrylic are red, white and blue. I hand turned this set on a lathe using only hand tools. The plating is platinum. This pen and letter opener are truly one of a kind.

The Acadia style is quite possibly the most popular and most elegant style of writing instrument in the world today. Its style is modeled after the very expensive “Mont Blanc™” . This pen has a smooth operating twist mechanism, utilizing a Cross™ style refill and comes in the Rosewood box that you see pictured.

Every pen we send out is accompanied by a short note detailing pen’s components; as well as the particular refill that’s needed, and instructions on how to install that refill.

This desk set was hand crafted in Maine with pride.

The set would look great setting in the corner of someone's desk.

The desk set that you see is the desk set that you will actually receive.


$112.50 $150.00