Sold - 8 Inch Natural Edge Birch Wood Bowl, Candy Dish

Product Description

This is a beautiful natural edge Birch bowl. This wood bowl has some nice color contrast. There are areas where it's cream colored and other areas of light brown and they play off each other nicely.

The bowl is approximately 8 inches at the widest part and 2 3/8 inches high on the highest edge. The foot is approximately 2 3/4 inches wide and has been turned with a little concave to add stability. In the bottom of the bowl, you can see two areas where branches had started. Both areas appear to be solid but you should be aware of them. They definitely add another area of interest to an already beautiful bowl. The bowl has been finished with an all natural polymerized Tung oil and wax finish which makes it food safe and then it's been buffed with three layers of wax to bring it to a nice luster.

The bowl that you see pictured is the bowl that you will receive, the candies are not included. Care instructions will be included.

This wooden bowl would make a great centerpiece for your table and is certain to be a conversation starter. This bowl would also make a great candy dish, popcorn bowl, Christmas Gift or Wedding Present.