Sold - 4 1/2 Inch Natural Edge Maple Burl Wood Bowl, Candy Dish, Ring Dish, Coin Dish

Product Description

This is a small natural edge Maple Burl bowl. The burl figure in this bowl is nothing less than outstanding. Natural edge bowls are often times referred to as live edge bowls or bark edge bowls.

The bowl is 4 1/2 inches in diameter by 2 7/8 inches at the highest point. The lowest edge is 1 5/8 inches high. All sizes are approximate. Because this is a natural edge bowl the measurements are taken from the biggest area of the bowl and not all edges are going to be the same measurements.

The bowl has been finished with an all natural Walnut oil and wax finish which makes it food safe and then it's been buffed with three layers of wax to bring it to a nice luster.

This bowl was hand turned on a lathe and was made in Maine.

The bowl that you see pictured is the bowl that you will receive. Care instructions will be included.

This hand turned bowl is a one of a kind wooden bowl and has been signed by the artisan. This wood bowl could be used for a fruit bowl, a popcorn bowl, ring dish, candy dish and much more. This wood bowl would make a great wedding present or anniversary gift.

What is a burl? Nobody really knows for sure. One theory is that a series of bud limbs tried to start growing on the side of the tree but were inhibited by something. What I do know is that the wood inside of a burl is beautiful. With the grain going in all directions and the burl wood makes for spectacular looking items.