11.5 Inch Spalted Maple Wooden Bowl

Product Description

This Spalted Maple wood bowl can only be described as beautiful.

This wooden salad bowl is 3 1/4 inches high X 11 1/2 inches in diameter. The foot is 4 inches wide and has been turned with a little concave to add stability. This wooden bowl has a gently rounded rim and features a ring of texture on the outside approximately 1 inch below the rim. The bowl has been finished with a polymerized Tung oil and wax finish which makes it food safe and then it's been buffed with three layers of wax to bring it to a nice luster.

This bowl was hand turned on a lathe and was made in Maine with pride. 

The bowl that you see pictured is the bowl that you will receive. Care instructions will be included.

This hand turned bowl is a one of a kind wooden bowl and could be used for salad, fruit, popcorn and much more.

Spalted Wood

Spalting is usually found in wood that has been cut down for a year or more and has started the process of returning itself to the earth. You will usually have areas with black and dark brown lines around them. These areas remind me of boundary lines found on maps. As with all spalted wood there are some areas on the bowl where you will feel bumps or undulations. This occurs during the sanding process because there are areas of softer and harder wood with in the spalted wood. It doesn't matter how careful you are while sanding it is very common to remove more wood in the softer wood areas than in the harder wood areas.


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