Morrison Mill - Laminated Six Inch

Product Description

These are our 6-inch laminated Morrison mills, our version of a traditional shaped salt and pepper mill. They can be ordered in a variety of different color combinations.  

The shape is modeled after a picture that I saw of a lady dancing. Starting from the head, shoulders and waist area, all the way down to the beads or rings that I've turned near the bottom to be like the folds of her dress.

On these Morrison Mills, I use beads on the bottom to differentiate between salt and pepper mills. Salt mills have just one bead and pepper mills have three.

The wood starts out as 49 layers of 1/16" veneer that have been dyed and glued together. I then put the wood onto my lathe and drill the head and body. Once the drilling is complete I then shape the head and body using hand tools and turning everything by eye on my lathe.

These mills are approximately 2 5/8" in diameter at the base and tapers to 1 1/2" in the mid-section and stand 6 1/2" tall. Because these are turned by eye all measurements are approximate.

I’m very particular about all of the components that go into any our products and the crushing mechanisms are no exception. One of the best is made right here in the United States. It’s a stainless steel mechanism for pepper with a separate salt mechanism made from ceramic.

The finish on the mill is a food grade polymerized Tung oil and a wax mixture which gives a nice luster to the mill. So it's safe to use on your food and cleans up easily. Care instructions are included.

You are placing an order for these mills. You will not receive the exact ones pictured. There will be subtle differences from the ones pictured because they are all one of a kind mills.

Black and Natural
Red and Black
Five Color