Haynes Salt or Pepper Mills - Laminated 8 Inch

Product Description

These are the 8 inch Haynes laminated Birch veneer salt and pepper mills.

The Haynes is my version of a modern twist on a traditional style. It’s named for Flossie and Donald Haynes who showed me that it’s okay to have expectations for your children. And with love, your children really could do anything.

On the Haynes mills, I use beads on the bottom to differentiate between salt and pepper mills. Salt mills have just one bead and pepper mills have three.

I’m very particular about all of the components that go into any our products and the crushing mechanisms are no exception. One of the best is made right here in the United States. It has a stainless steel mechanism for pepper with a separate salt mechanism made from ceramic. 

Black and Natural
Red and Black
Five Color