Gun Metal Katahdin Pen made in Stars and Wavy Thin Blue Line Stripes Acrylic

Product Description

Do you like to show your pride for local, state or federal law enforcement? This gun metal Katahdin pen is a beautiful pen. The pen features white stars embedded in a sea of blue on the upper barrel. The lower barrel features mostly black and white wavy stripes with one thin blue wavy line. 

The Katahdin style pen has a smooth operating twist mechanism. The Katahdin style is great for people who like to use a little bigger pen. To operate the pen, simply twist the top to the left or right. The pen uses a Parker™ style refill. You can also use a Parker™ style gel refill.

You are placing an order for this Katahdin pen and will not receive the exact one pictured. There will be subtle differences from the one pictured because they are all one of a kind pens.

Every pen we send out is accompanied by a short note detailing the pen’s components; as well as the particular refill that’s needed, and instructions on how to install that refill.

Do you know someone who likes to show their pride for law enforcement? This would make the perfect gift for them. This pen would also make a great gift for past, current and future police personnel and families.